Commercial Services

Always Green Recycling, Inc. provides a convenient valet tote service. There is no need for a large dumpster. The totes/containers can be placed in convenient locations. We make recycling simple and convenient. We do not require or use a long term contract. See below the commercial services we provide.

Single Stream Recycling Service

We know that not every business is the same. That is why we customize the service to meet the individual customer’s needs. Whether it is an office in a building downtown, the whole building in midtown, or a bar/restaurant next door we have ways to meet the individual requirements to make recycling easy and successful. Hospitals or other medical facilities, schools, and colleges produce mounds of paper for shredding and recycling.

We provide on-site pickups for your recycling. Throw your paper, beer and wine glass bottles, glass, plastic, aluminum and cardboard into one container. It makes recycling easy for you and by recycling you could decrease or even eliminate your current waste services.

Secure Document Shredding Services

We can provide special secured totes in order to provide shredding services. Pickups can be scheduled regularly or we allow for on call services. We have onsite shredding for regular pickups and bulk purges. Your documents are secure with us. 

Always Green Recycling is a NAID AAA Certified Member!  


Organic material is placed in compost bins and picked up by Always Green Recycling at requested intervals and taken to a facility to be composted. 

E-Cycle and Metal Recycling

E-Cycle is the term used for electronic recycling. Most metals and electronics can be taken apart and reused/recycled. We can help you set up an E-Cycle event in your office with posters and flyers. 

Light Bulb and Battery Recycling

We provide containers/boxes to store light bulbs and batteries to be picked up for recycling. We facilitate the pickup and drop off to the facilities that will properly recycle/dispose of these materials.