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We’ve simplified single stream recycling and onsite shredding in St. Louis, Missouri. There’s no need to separate your recycling when we come to pick it up. Just load it into the receptacle and we’ll do the rest.

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Single Stream Recycling in St. Louis

Always Green Recycling, Inc. is a St. Louis, Missouri recycling company that provides commercial recycling and recycling logistics services to the entire greater St. Louis, St. Charles and Metro-East areas. In addition we service many of the rural areas in the states of Missouri and Illinois. We partner with communities to provide customized recycling and service solutions. Our recycling partners consist of office buildings, small businesses, schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, restaurants and more.

Single Stream Recylcing in St. Louis for your office or business includes:

  • Paper recycling
  • Cardboard recycling services
  • Electronics recycling and hard drive destruction
  • Onsite shredding and secure document destruction
  • Recycling logistics

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Single Stream Recycling Means Less Work for You

Always Green Recycling, Inc. offers full-service single stream recycling in St. Louis. This means that all of your paper recycling, cardboard, plastics, metals, and other recyclables are mixed when collecting. Single stream recycling items accepted include paper, aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic, beer and wine glass bottles, electronics, hard drives, and glass. You won’t have to separate any items for pickup. This makes it more convenient for your company to recycle. We have found that simplifying the recycling process makes it easier for companies to recycle. Ultimately, this increases the amount of material being diverted from landfills.

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Office Recycling, Electronic Recycling, and Other Services

Always Green Recycling, Inc. provides other services for your office such as composting, office moving, secure document destruction, electronics recycling, light bulb and/or battery pickup and onsite shredding in St. Louis. We want to be your one call recycling solution. Not sure if we handle a recycling service? Give us a call at 314-521-2211.

Partner with us to handle your recycling needs and give yourself peace of mind that you’re dealing with your waste management effectively and that you’re doing your part for the environment. Our recycling logistics in St. Louis includes pallets and plastic recycling, as well as managing your old corrugated containers or OCC management. We provide this service nationwide.

Protect Your Secure Documents with Paper Recycling and Onsite Shredding in St. Louis

Our paper recycling, onsite shredding, and secure document destruction provides a way to protect your important information against prying eyes. When you’re ready to dispose of them, just throw them in the special tote that we provide to you. You can schedule regular pickups for your secure documents in St. Louis or just call us to come pick it up when it’s full.

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Recycling Services That Fit Your Needs

We encourage you to recycle with convenient single stream recycling in St. Louis. We’ll provide the containers for companies big or small to collect their material to be recycled. These containers remove the need for a dumpster and will allow for multiple and convenient recycling collection locations on site. We contract with businesses, schools, building managers, etc. to schedule regular pickups of recyclable materials.

We believe recycling has a favorable impact on the environment, saves natural resources and reduces the amount of solid waste being deposited into landfills. Always Green Recycling, Inc. has provided commercial recycling and other recycling services since 2008. We are proud of the reputation we have established. We will be happy to develop a commercial recycling program to provide a solution for your recyclables and reduce your solid waste footprint. We sincerely want everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle. It is not just our mission, it is our future.